Enhancing Subsea Operations with Our Advanced ROV Tooling Solutions

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Services

In the ever-evolving and technically challenging world of subsea operations, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) stand as critical components. At Zetechtics Ltd., a pioneering UK-based company, we have been leading the charge in revolutionising ROV tooling services since our inception in 1993. Our deep expertise in ROV tooling equips companies with unparalleled precision, reliability, and innovative solutions, essential for the demanding marine environment.

Innovations in ROV Tooling: The Zetechtics Edge

As a leader in the field, we at Zetechtics pride ourselves on our ROV tooling services, especially with our flagship field-proven Jupiter 2 Control Systems. These systems are synonymous with precise control, durability, and versatility across various subsea tasks. Capable of operating in depths of up to 4000 metres (6000m options available upon request), our systems are built to endure the harshest underwater conditions, a vital feature for enterprises engaged in deep-sea exploration and construction where equipment reliability is paramount.

Zetechtics Latest ROV Tooling Product – Ultra High Flow Valve Pack (UHFVP)

The Jupiter Ultra High Flow Valve Pack (UHFVP) provides accurate, proportional, unidirectional, pressure compensated flow control for very high flow applications up to 160 L/min. Ideal for applications such as motor speed control, suction anchors, drilling control, winch control and dredge pumps.
The compact, low-cost unit is suitable for use with any Jupiter Control System with a HFVP connector

Scalable Design and Customisable Software

Our approach to ROV tooling is centred around the scalable design of our systems. This flexibility allows us to tailor control systems to meet specific operational needs, whether integrating them into ROV systems, tooling skids or TMS systems. The software that powers these systems is not only customisable but also continuously upgradable, ensuring that our clients remain at the forefront of technological and operational advancements.

Precision and Accuracy: Boosting Operational Efficiency

At the core of our Jupiter 2 Control Systems is an unwavering focus on precision and accuracy. Providing real-time feedback and precise control, our systems are essential for complex subsea operations like flowline pull-in and pipeline repair. For companies involved in tasks such as these, the accuracy of our tooling solutions translates into improved operational efficiency, minimised risk of vessel downtime and substantial cost savings.

Comprehensive Support and Global Network

What sets Zetechtics apart is not just our innovative products but also our extensive support system. We offer around-the-clock support, ensuring continuous access to technical assistance for our clients. This support is bolstered by our global network of agents, enabling us to provide prompt and efficient service delivery worldwide. Such comprehensive support is crucial for companies operating in the time-sensitive and high-stakes realm of subsea operations.

Engineer to Order Solutions: Tailored to Industry Needs

Our range of applications include, but are not limited to, ROV intervention tooling operations, well workover intervention, subsea energy, subsea mining, wind farm technology, pipeline coating removal and rock drilling. Our capability in ROV tooling extends to creating dedicated project solutions. We have a proven history of providing custom solutions that enhance operational efficiencies.

Asset Integrity and Monitoring Systems

A good example of listening to customer needs and finding a solution is the Jupiter AIM – Asset Integrity Monitor. The Jupiter AIM acts as an early warning system and plays a key role in the health and vibration monitoring of ROVs and subsea installations, crucial for maintaining the integrity of valuable equipment and ensuring operational safety through early detection of potential faults.

Your Trusted Partner in ROV Tooling

In summary, our range of ROV Tooling has been designed and developed using our extensive experience and also through ongoing customer feedback. This enables us to improve our current ROV Tooling as well as identifying new tooling requirements and opportunities.

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