From Malton to Macaé

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Zetechtics do Brazil

Zetechtics do Brasil Ltda was formed in 2022 to support all Zetechtics equipment in an increasingly active Brazilian market. The Macaé facility has a dedicated hydraulic and electronic workshop, providing equipment maintenance and TVS calibrations to support our clients locally. The commonly used API 17D and Petrobras tooling and control systems are also now available to hire from the new rental fleet at the premises.

Murray Ross, Sales and Marketing Manager for Zetechtics Ltd, UK, added “It was great to visit our facility, visit our clients and hear the positive feedback first-hand from our customers regarding our existing products and their reliability, along with the excellent feedback for our 24/7 support and online training services. We presented a couple of our new products to our clients, namely the Class 1-4 Electric Torque Tool (ETT) which gives enhanced closed loop accuracy and control for tooling projects, and our Degraded Interface Adapter (DIA), which is used for interfacing to stems that are damaged or no longer strictly conform to ISO or Petrobras specification.”

During the visit, QHSE Manager John Macnamara from Zetechtics Ltd, UK, performed an audit on our QHSE management systems at the facility in Macaé and reported that Zetechtics do Brasil Ltda demonstrated a high level of commitment with respect to the QHSE systems. It was clear that the investment in equipment and staff had been set up to create a high-quality and organised working environment, helping to achieve conformity of products and services. John paid thanks to the team in Brazil for their support during the audit and complemented them on their dedication and professionalism.