2 Digit Subsea Display System (SDS)

Ultra compact display system with two high visibility segmented displays. Counts actuator contact closure up to ±99 display range. The 2 Digit Jupiter Subsea Display System is designed to display the total number of sensor actuations on subsea tooling modules and installations without the need for a complex control system or datalink. This allows critical cyclic operation to be monitored at a relatively low cost.

The system can be configured to illuminate when the contact is closed and/or open. The inbuilt light sensor enables the system only when illuminated by the ROV’s lights, allowing it to remain dormant for months or years.


  • 3,000msw rated rugged design
  • Stand-alone unit with ultra low power operation, enables long battery life with a selectable dormant state
  • Can be used in conjunction with a control system to provide dual redundancy
  • Provides measurement accurate to 0.3%

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