Asset Integrity Monitor (AIM)

Jupiter AIM – Subsea Multichannel Shock & Vibration Acquisition System

Shock and vibration are significant threats to subsea systems particularly for extended or permanent deployments when inspections are sporadic or impossible. The recent drive for permanently deployed complex ROV systems highlights the need for comprehensive monitoring of their operational state.

The Jupiter Asset Integrity Monitor (AIM) provides inputs for up to 10 x 3 Axis 2g/8g accelerometers to continually monitor the physical health of subsea systems. The unit operates from 24V, 15W DC, is a compact 4,000m depth rated titanium housing and connects to a conventional PC or laptop at the surface via Ethernet.

The vibration data from each accelerometer is digitised at 12kHz and displayed at the surface in the time or frequency domains. The data is stored in a secure SQL database for later display or analysis and can be displayed with current data for comparison.

The user can pre-set alarm conditions for each channel in the time or frequency domain and create alerts if any channel exceeds these limits. Acoustic feedback from any sensor is also available via the PC audio channels.

The Jupiter AIM can support multiple surface PCs visualising differing combinations of present or historic data on a client server basis. All data is secure for authorised access only.

The Jupiter AIM also interfaces to the Jupiter ICM fluid contamination monitor to add hydraulic status data to the record. Other sensors, including pressure, temperature and strain may also be integrated with the system.

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