Class 1-4 (API 17D) Hydraulic Torque Tool

The Jupiter Subsea Intelligent Hydraulic Torque Tool – Class 1 – 4 Rotary Docking interfaces with subsea production systems, including project specific interfaces where only the end effector socket is different, and is capable of producing torque up to 2711Nm (2,000 lbf-ft). The tool comprises a hydraulic motor, planetary gearbox selectable between low and high torque and sprung loaded, nested, multi-class sockets.


  • In-house Motor design for improved performance
  • Planetary gearbox – sprung loaded to low torque, activated for high torque
  • Nested, multiclass sockets – fixed class adaptors available
  • The torque tool also provides torque feedback, quadrature turns count, torque range sensing, and visual indication of motor turns

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