High Flow Valve Pack (HFVP)

The Jupiter High Flow Valve Pack offers accurate control of pressure and flow for high flow / high power applications. The ultra-compact Jupiter HFVP provides proportional pressure and bi-directional flow control from 10-210 Bar at up to 160 L/min. Ultra-compact design can be fitted with two 250Bar pressure transducers to measure work done directly across the load or alternatively 10Bar pressure transducers to measure applied pressure to items such as suction anchors. Also available in a High Pressure 320Bar rated version. The compact and low cost unit is suitable for use with any Jupiter Subsea Control System for a variety of subsea tooling applications.

  • Provides accurate pressure and flow control at up to 160 L/min & 210 Bar
  • 4,000msw rated compact lightweight housing
  • Internal pressure transducer options
  • Internal water ingress detectors

Typical Applications

  • Suction anchors
  • Drilling control
  • Winch control
  • Tracked vehicle track drive
  • Water jet pump control

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