High Pressure High Flow Valve Pack (HP HFVP)

The Jupiter High Pressure, High Flow Valve Pack provides accurate control of pressure and flow for Ethylene Glycol based systems that require constant flow and pressure when used for higher power applications. Compact and low-cost, the unit is suitable for use with any Jupiter Control System and can be used for a variety of subsea tooling applications requiring proportional pressure and flow control between 10-350 Bar, at up to 160 lpm.


  • Depth Rating – 4000msw (Standard), 6000msw (optional). For deeper depths please contact Zetechtics.
  • Optional internal Pressure Transducer fitted to external ports allows accurate load power measurement.
  • Alternative Pressure Transducers available for accurate sensing of Suction Anchor pressures
  • Output:
    – 100L/pm @180 Bar
    – 160L/pm @ 130 Bar

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