Jupiter Io – Subsea Fast Ethernet Switch And Data Multiplexor

Jupiter Io is a high specification subsea 24 Port Fast Ethernet Managed Switch. Data connection to the surface is over dual redundant 1Gb fibres; with addition, data conversion provided for video signals, RS232, RS422 and RS485. Other interfaces are available on request. Operating from 24V DC or 115V AC and rated to 4,000msw, Jupiter Io can also act as a Subsea Hub allowing absolutely standard Jupiter units to be connected together for larger or more complex control systems. This removes the need for custom designed Master / Slave units operating in a daisy chain.

Jupiter Io requires no expensive special surface rack as the fibres terminate to conventional COTS Fast Ethernet Switches fitted with bi-directional SFP modules. This integrates the subsea equipment with the surface network.


  • Low cost solution for subsea integration (no expensive surface unit required)
  • Dual redundant 1Gb single mode fibre datalinks to the surface, 24 Ports – Subsea Fast Ethernet 10/100Mb
    – 4 Ports dedicated for Fast Ethernet
    – Up to 12 modular ports for conventional serial channels (RS232 / RS422 / RS485) or Fast Ethernet
  • Interfaces for any industry standard video, sensors, control and monitoring systems, sonars or any other equipment with a compatible interface
  • Modular Jupiter construction allows different customer requirements to be accommodated cost effectively.

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