Jupiter Micro Io – Single Fibre Modular Multiplexor Assembly

The Jupiter µIo Micro Mux was designed by Zetechtics to be a direct replacement for the now obsolete Prizm Micro Mux and incorporates some enhanced features over the Prizm Micro Mux.

The Jupiter µIo has a 1 Gigabit bi direction fibre interface and the modular design can be easily expanded or daisy chained together to add extra serial ports, ethernet ports or camera channels so the customer can build up to the required specification.

The Jupiter µIo interfaces to industry standard video, sensors, control and monitoring systems and survey equipment such as sonars and gyros. It also has a wide input range on the power input allowing connection to any system providing +5V to 26VDC.

It is depth rated to 4,000msw as standard and it can be considered as a low-cost solution for subsea integration. It does not require an expensive surface unit as it connects directly to a surface network via the built in web server.

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