Manipulator Control System

Zetechtics have designed & built a new variant of the Jupiter 2 ROV intervention tooling control system specifically for proportional control of manipulators. The manipulator control system was tested with an FMCTI Schilling Atlas 7R manipulator. It is an attractive solution to this application for a number of reasons including: reliability, common components with other Jupiter 2 subsea control systems and familiarity of trained technicians with Jupiter 2 hardware and software.

  • Option 1 – Manipulator Control consisting of: 7 x NG3 Proportional Flow Control Bi-DirectionalValves
  • Option 2 – As above with additional 1 x NG6 Press and Bi-Direct Flow Control Prop Valve and 4x NG3 Bi-directional Solenoid Valves

All Jupiter2 Control Systems are supplied with laptop, rack mount or panel PC installed with the Jupiter software and all parts required to operate.

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