Petrobras Style Hydraulic Torque Tool

The Jupiter Subsea Intelligent ‘Petrobras Style’ Hydraulic Torque Tool interfaces with subsea production systems, including project specific interfaces where only the end effector socket is different, and is capable of producing torque up to 2711Nm (2,000 lbf-ft). The tool comprises a hydraulic motor, planetary gear box (with advanced remote gear change indicator) and removable end effect socket(s). In addition the tool provides torque feed-back, output turns count, torque range sensing and a visual indication of motor turns.


  • Standard Interface: Petrobras Style interfaces with a range of sockets to suit up to 1-7/16” A/F Hex Stems
  • Maximum Working Torque: 2711Nm (2,000lbf-ft)
  • Maximum Working Speed: 25 RPM (Low Gear)

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