Remote Control Unit (RCU)

The Jupiter Remote Control Unit (RCU) offers a powerful control system that integrates torque tool control, high flow control and deployment or skid functions into a single unit with sensor inputs and powerful software control.

The system includes a Data-logger and features Automatic Calibration of the Torque Tools and Sensors, User Customisable Set-up and comprehensive diagnostics.

  • Simplify Skid Design, SIT and in field integration transferable between Skid, Tools and ROVs.
  • 2 x Proportional Pressure and Flow Controls.
  • 4 x Bi-Directional Solenoid Valves with adjustable pressure and flow on each valve.
  • Real Time Torque Feedback and Tool Turns.

All Jupiter2 Control Systems are supplied with laptop, rack mount or panel PC installed with the Jupiter software and all parts required to operate.

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