Rotary High Torque (API 17H) Hydraulic Torque Tool

The torque tool is designed for Rotary (High Torque) interfaces conforming to BS EN ISO 13628-8:2006 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) interfaces on subsea production systems and is capable of producing torque up to 2000Nm. The tool offers two torque ranges including Low Torque Gear (high speed) via direct drive from the hydraulic motor, or High Torque Gear (low speed). By default the tool is spring energised into Low Torque Gear. High Torque Gear is hydraulically actuated and is shown to be energised by a visual external indicator.


  • In-house Motor design for improved performance
  • Planetary gearbox – sprung loaded to low torque
  • Maximum Working Torque: 2000Nm (1,475lbf-ft)
  • The tool also provides torque feedback, turns count, torque range sensing and visual indication of motor turns

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