Rotary High Torque (API 17H) TVS

All Jupiter Subsea Display Systems are 3,000msw rated (4,000msw rated version available upon request), ultra-low power with selectable dormant state and can be interfaced to a Jupiter Subsea Control System or datalink. All cables supplied as standard for operation.

The system interfaces to API 17H (High Torque) torque tools with a single stem size. The system has an inbuilt light sensor that enables the display when illuminated by the ROV’s lights. This allows the Subsea Torque Verification System to remain dormant for prolonged periods. The remote actuator unit allows zeroing of the displayed value and toggling of the display scale between Nm and lbf-ft. The High Torque Receptacle and stem allows torque verification up to 2000Nm (1,475 lbf-ft) for industry standard API 17H torque tools.


  • 3,000msw rated rugged design (4,000msw rated version available upon request)
  • Battery powered system with 4 digit display initiated by ROV lighting
  • Torque reading displayed in either Nm or lbf-ft up to 2000Nm (1,475 lbf-ft)
  • Can be used as a conventional deck analyser

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