Subsea In-Line Contamination Monitor (ICM)

The Subsea In-Line Contamination Monitor (ICM) is designed to be permanently mounted on a ROV, or other subsea hydraulic system, to continually monitor the hydraulic system fluid for both particulate and water contamination. The ICM presents real-time results of the NAS/ ISO/ AS standards of cleanliness and % RH (Relative Humidity). Detailed information is available via serial data interface. The interface provides fluid status information on a continual basis to the ROV control system for ultimate performance, along with comprehensive control and setup.

The ICM can operate as a stand-alone unit requiring only 24V, storing tests to its 4000 sample memory. To aid Deck and ROV operators a basic GO / NO GO indicator is clearly visible on the outside of the unit which can be monitored by a ROV camera.

The ICM is compatible with common ROV hydraulic fluids, either mineral oil or synthetic based.


  • Prevents unseen minor faults from developing into major contamination problems
  • Visual indication of the pass / fail or low flow for viewing on deck or subsea via a ROV camera
  • Lightweight titanium unit weighing 4.2 kg in air & 2.3kg in seawater
  • Rated for use to 4000msw

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