Zetechtics provide a variety of services for all Jupiter systems including general equipment maintenance, repairs and system upgrades.

All systems returned for servicing are fully assessed on receipt at Zetechtics and are subjected to a stringent factory acceptance test prior to dispatch to ensure the system is fully functional and performing to specification.


Zetechtics has the in-house capability to provide a repair service for all Jupiter systems.

Once the equipment is returned to us for repair, our technicians perform a full assessment & provide a report which is then sent to the client for approval prior to commencing the repair. As with equipment servicing, all equipment returned is subjected to a stringent factory acceptance test prior to dispatch to ensure the equipment is fully functional & performing to specification.


Zetechtics offer a range of calibration services to ensure seamless integration of Jupiter products into your subsea tooling systems.


Ensuring the accuracy of your Torque Verification System is critical to achieving reliable Torque Tool calibration. Zetechtics offer in-house calibration of the torque measurement system supplied with all Zetechtics manufactured Torque Verification Systems.

Zetechtics provide a fast turnaround service with system calibrated within 48hrs from receipt. This ensures that your valuable assets have minimum down time.


Jupiter Subsea Display Systems can be delivered calibrated to a variety of transducers, either free issued from the client or supplied by Zetechtics.

Modification & Upgrades

Software upgrades are provided free of charge for all Jupiter systems. This can be done online through our website link or by contacting our support team who will provide assistance as required.

Subsea tooling scopes vary from project to project and can often mean modifications to the set up and functionality of the control system. Our Design and Engineering Department offers a wealth of experience and will work with our clients to provide a solution, from software changes through to additional hardware that may be required.

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