The Jupiter Electric Torque Tool

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Products

Zetechtics are proud to announce our latest product development, the API 17D Class 1-4 Jupiter Electric Torque Tool (ETT). Built to the same high standard as our well-established Hydraulic Torque
Tools, the ETT is designed for Class 1-4 Rotary Docking interfaces conforming to BS EN ISO 13628-8:2006 – ROV interfaces on subsea production systems.

The tool integrates an electric motor, powerful motor controller, gear box and spring loaded, nested, multi-class sockets to provide precisely controlled torque up to 2711N.m (2000lbf.ft).
The tool also incorporates electrically controlled latches to allow FLOT operations. These latches do not require an external hydraulic source which makes it suitable to operate from all-Electric ROV systems.

The tool operates through a dedicated web browser interface, which enables seamless integration with both electric and conventional ROV’s via an Intelligent Power Pod (IPP). The ETT can also be powered directly from ROVs with a suitable DC supply, i.e., without the IPP.